Chirographon Dei

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Madness, sadness and finally creation… art that has made us see beyond our limits.
“Chrirographon Dei’’ is a play, a journey full of deep feelings and absolute mystery towards our inner perception of existence.
The album will be available on the 27th of November but soon one of our most representative songs will be out to offer you a glimpse into our little, eerie world…



Sombria is a Doom/Dark metal project dedicated to all the dark sides of life. From the mentally ill to the orphans, to the true wonderers of the world. Sombria is for the people that live in the shadows, the lonely, the unique.
Sombria is not only music, is a movement, where you can rest from the everyday life and take a breath. A place where pain and sorrow becomes creation and redemption. No need to fear, no need to be ashamed. Here everything is permitted.
Welcome to Sombria.

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Change . Contribution . Art

Sombria is a project created by two musicians who have embarked into a deep journey of music and art... Now are ready to let themselves flourish in the most ‘’mysterious’’ way.. That’s how Sombria was born..

Latest video

Voyage into Lethe

Directed by: Dimi De San
Music: Raven Seven
Lyrics: Valentina Devin

The News

”Some Events Endure Over Time”

Some events endure over time, sometimes deformed by poor memory exercises and others like rare jewels that resist deterioration. But there is a third class of memories, a little child of fortune and a bit of chance, which sometimes receives a kind of transfusion from the present that recovers its colours, its textures, its fragrances. Memories are made of a fragile but flexible material, capable of withstanding the worst storms. Whoever judges that all memory is false is mistaken, since […]

What is Real Life?

-I have a terrible difficulty adapting to real life sir. -What do you mean by “real life”? -Well … precisely to the real, to the concrete, to the objective. -Basically everything that two or more people can agree on exists objectively. -I couldn’t have defined it better, sir. -So this apple that you and I see on the table is more real than your dream of becoming a -phrenologist. -I don’t think that’s an adequate way to express it. -Is […]


Hail! Here they are, these amazing musicians that will support us in this extreme project!! Lucien Keir – guitar Saber Thorn – bass Winter Cain – drums DARK BROTHERS AND SISTERS ACROSS THE WORLD! WE ARE ABOUT TO BEGIN!



Natalie Soyman


Natalie Soyman


Natalie Soyman